mayo 2013

Autorig script demo


I've made a quick video with a demo of the Auto-rig script used in the pre production of Alike

The script generate a full rig with ik/fk, auto stretch, spine with stretch, foots with multple pivots. It also can generate individual parts of rigs: arm/spine/leg and combine them later.

I would like to release it as soon as possible, but first I should update it to the last Blender API changes because it was developed for the v2.60

Auto Rig script demo from Jose Molina on Vimeo.

Also, thanks to Alessandro Chagas Machado for the model, downloaded from blendswap to make the video.

The Mistery Machine 3D recreation

Hi, I just finished a 3D recreation of the van from Scooby-Doo.

All made in blender, rendered using cycles.

Turn around

The Mystery Machine 3D recreation from Jose Molina on Vimeo.

Some Pics in HD

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